Colour and material concept
Am Rosenberg Clinic

As the clinic was always perfectly maintained, it was still in good condition after many years of service. However, the materials were reminiscent of a different era.
We devised a colour and material concept designed to be applied every step of the way throughout the project in order to create a contemporary and timeless atmosphere. This served as a guideline in the selection of materials and colours for floors, walls and ceilings, and textiles in patient rooms, bathrooms, corridors, ancillary rooms and common areas.
The concept, comprising plans, mock-ups, and material samples, also serves as a useful reference for daily clinic maintenance.



Contractor: Klinik Am Rosenberg
HasenbĂĽhlstrasse 11
9410 Heiden
Reference: Alexander Rohner
Planning: 03.2009 - 05.2009
Project head: Roland Schwilch
Project managers:

Roland Schwilch

Sibil Tomaschett