Daniel W.Schindler
A portrait of Daniel Schindler – Architect

Daniel Schindler belongs to the new generation of multitalented Swiss architects.

Growing up in Zurich, Schindler first studied History and Arts. Influenced by his father, also an architect, he went on to join the Zurich School of Architecture and Engineering, one of the largest and most innovative educational institutions of its kind in the field of applied landscape design.

While his childhood architectural dream was to build an airport - a dream that he will never give up, he says – Schindler remains fascinated by the achievement of perfect harmony between nature and technology in architectural construction as well as by the influence of fate in the evolution of technology and mankind. As a young graduate, he was inspired by the work and philosophy of the Austrian-American architect Richard Neutra, who became famous for his geometric and airy structures.

His first work experience with renowned architects was more down to earth, involving the remodeling and refurbishment of schoolhouses and hospitals. After learning his trade in Switzerland and in the US, Daniel Schindler joined Wohnbedarf, one of Zurich’s major furniture companies, where he was asked to set up the new planning department. He turned his passion for furniture and interior design into a successful professional career.

He was promoted to the position of CEO and managed the company for several years before opening his own architectural practice and furniture stores in Zurich and Lucerne.

His openness to new challenges has brought him international assignments in the US and in Russia, allowing him to win numerous design commissions for prestigious private and corporate clients.

In downtown Moscow and in Odinzovo, he was appointed to design the interior of upmarket offices and of a shopping complex, while being hired by a private client to conceive, plan and oversee the construction of one of the world’s largest private residence in Barvikha.

Impressed, charmed and inspired by the landscape of the area, he also won a competition for the concept and construction of a luxurious private and public real estate development in Gorki, 45 kilometres away from the centre of the capital.

There, he imagined and created an out-of-the-ordinary project for a unique residential community, targeted to a cosmopolitan elite. His creative inspiration came from his numerous travels to the coast of New England and his previous professional experience in Virginia, Boston and Phildelphia. Cleverly combining his modernist and contemporary style with the maximum use of light, Schindler decided to erect a classical lighthouse at the center of this modern urban island. He aimed to take advantage of its illuminating power to repel the harshness of the Russian
winter while retaining luminosity and warmth. This unusual landmark will house spacious public offices as well as a bar, a club and a restaurant.

Putting a lot of emphasis on the planning phase, the result of his work is a consensus between the sophisticated and creative ideas of his team of 20 professional staff in Zurich and Moscow and the technical knowledge of the local craftsmen.

Daniel Schindler is an architect with a vision. A charismatic man, recognized as an expert in his field, he admits always searching for the unique piece of furniture that could complement the architectural style of the building he is creating. This attention to detail, combined with his creative approach to modernism, has become his trademark.

Contact: Schindler Partner, Zurich
Tel: +41 44 380 0488 / +41 79 279 7663