Restoration of the 3rd floor (inpatient ward)
Am Rosenberg Clinic

Originally designed as an apartment, the uppermost inpatient ward was in need of restoration after 25 years in use. The overall colour and material concept for the clinic as a whole also set the tone here. Remaining elements of the former apartment were completely removed to allow the clinic to operate smoothly. In the initial phase, we completely refurbished and partially reorganized the corridor, a number of patient rooms and the ancillary rooms. 



Klinik Am Rosenberg

HasenbĂĽhlstrasse 11

9410 Heiden

Reference: Alexander Rohner
Planning: 05.2009 - 07.2009
Implementation: 07.2009 - 08.2009
Project head: Roland Schwilch
Project manager: Roland Schwilch
Site manager: Adrian Ebneter, Heiden