Main entrance, back office

Klinik St. Anna, Lucerne

In the past, the clinic’s main entrance was a windowless vestibule accessible by way of a covered passage. Studies were conducted in order to evaluate where and how a new main entrance could best be created.  In the design process we considered not only visitor flow and internal communication between the back office and patient admissions. It was also vital to formally integrate the space into the existing structure and ensure that the remodelled area is recognizable as the main entrance.

The collaboration of Swiss artists Alfons Bürgler and Hannes Bürgler was a source of great inspiration and constituted a perfect fusion of art and architecture.



Klinik St. Anna

St. Anna-Strasse 32

6006 Lucerne

Reference: Mr. Marco Gugolz
Planning: 11.2010 - 02.2011
Implementation: 03.2011 - 05.2011
Art in architecture: Alfons Bürgler and Hannes Bürgler
Project head: Roland Schwilch
Project manager: Roland Schwilch
Site management: Scheitlin Syfrig, Luzern