Lighthouse Project, Gorky 8, Moscow
Project development und master plan
Overall creative management

We devised the master plan for a new development commissioned by an international investment group. Schindler Partner has full creative control as well as responsibility for designing the principal buildings:
– Lighthouse with boutique [40m]
– 154 residential units
– Schoolhouse
– Kindergarten
– Sports facilities
– Public swimming pool
– Auditorium and cafeteria

We delegated the 12 implementation and development phases to general contractors.

Our design strategy strives toward a modern and primarily western-oriented architectural language. Individual elements, such as the lighthouse itself, were designed and constructed in the classical style.

Contractor: International investment group
References: upon request
Planning: 12.2009 - 08.2010
Implementation: starting 09.2010
Project head: Daniel Schindler
Project manager: Daniel Schindler
Site management: local (general contractors)