Expansion of tract C

Klinik St. Anna Lucerne

New private rooms were added to the inpatient ward on the uppermost floor by means of an extension to tract C. Providing wheelchair accessibility throughout, up to and including balconies, was particularly challenging from a technical standpoint within the confines of the existing structure. Particular attention was paid to the impression made by the rooms in terms of the colour and material concept applied. It was also of great importance to conduct the project within the strict budget constraints of the healthcare sector.



Klinik St. Anna

St. Anna-Strasse 32

6006 Lucerne

Reference: Mr. Kai Heib
Planning: 05.2009 - 12.2010
Implementation: 11.2009 - 04.2010
Project head: Roland Schwilch
Project manager: Roland Schwilch
Site management: Häusermann + Partner